Calm, Repair, Soften


Botanical oils and extracts work together to simultaneously calm stressed skin, balance sebum production and maintain a healthy skin barrier for a glowing complexion.

Scent: A soothing aroma with herbaceous and floral notes of Chamomile and Rose Geranium.

Regenerative skincare for the microbiome and the earth


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Equilibrium serum is a considered blend of botanical oils and extracts uniquely sourced from farmers, producers, and distillers. Virgin oils tailored for a balance of oleic and linoleic acids deliver nutrients that simultaneously soothe irritated skin, regulate sebum production, maintain a healthy skin barrier, and strengthen the skin against moisture loss. German Chamomile CO2 is rich in Alpha Bisabolol and Matricine, giving it exceptional anti-inflammatory properties that soothe stressed skin. Rose Geranium Essential Oil is gently astringent helping to correct lipid imbalance, as well as calming irritation. Our herbal Balance Complex boasts anti-inflammatory, restorative, and sebum regulating properties that bring the skin back to equilibrium. Use daily for a rejuvenated, clear, and glowing complexion without disrupting the microflora.

THE RITUAL: The Equilibrium Serum can be used morning and evening. Apply a pea-sized amount to your hands and rub together to warm. Gently press into your damp face and neck, or post Antioxidant Essence. Moist skin helps the serum absorb, and application via gentle pressing stimulates lymphatic circulation.

SUITED TO: A versatile serum formulated for most skin types that is particularly helpful for combination, blemish prone, and sensitive skin. In addition, those with broken capillaries, redness and dry patches will benefit from the soothing properties.


Ingredients: Jojoba Oil^, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Hemp Oil^, Macadamia Oil*, Chia Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil~, Calendula*, Chamomile*, Burdock Root*, Marshmallow Root*, Nettle*, Oatstraw*, Lemon Melissa*, Yarrow*, Red Clover*, Lavender*, Blue Chamomile CO2 Extract*, Rose Geranium Essential Oil*, Rosemary Oleoresin*, Sunflower Oil*.
*Certified Organic ^Organic/Regenerative Farming ~ Wildcrafted

100% Natural Ingredients 

One Degree of Separation

Learn more about our key ingredients, as well as the farmers, distillers & producers behind them.

Balance Complex

Our vibrant, certified organic herbs are grown by Banda Farm and Highland Herbs in Tasmania. They use regenerative biodynamic and organic practices respectively, resulting in high quality, potent herbs. They are shipped directly to us for processing, where we extract their lipid soluble properties over a six-week process. 

Regenerative, Anti-inflammatory, Detoxing, Astringent, Emollient, Demulctant, Selective Antibacterial Activity.

A considered balance of flowers, roots and leaves infuse every part of the Equilibrium Serum. The whole plants are methodically extracted in-house to capture the lipophilic compounds of the herbs. The 10 herbs work together to stimulate skin cell repair, improve skin hydration and elasticity, regulate sebum production and calm irritated skin.

Rose Geranium Essential oil

We use organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil that is grown and distilled by women in South Africa, and shipped directly to us. You can read more about Like Mountains farm & distillery on our Journal.

Anti-Inflammatory, Decongesting, Regenerative, Mildly Astringent, Selective Antimicrobial Activity.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil is wonderful for balancing problematic skin, including acne, dermatitis or skin with a lipid imbalance. Used at the correct percentage, it is a gentle yet effective plant active that moves stagnation whilst calming and rejuvenating the skin. It also has a wonderfully soothing aroma, with green floral notes. 


The Tamanu Oil we use is unique as it is wildcrafted and produced by Northern Tamanu Oils; a family run business in  Northern Territory. It is the only Tamanu Oil produced in Australia.

Moisturising, Acne Healing, Anti-inflammatory, Cicatrizant, Regenerative, Soothing, Selective Antibacterial Activity.

Tamanu promotes moisture retention and the growth of healthy skin cells, as well as prevents lipid peroxidation thanks to it’s antioxidant properties. It is our favourite oil for calming irritated skin, partially thanks to a molecule it contains called calophyllolide, which has been studied to have similar effects to hydrocortisone as an inflammatory agent, as well as xanthones. Tamanu protects against bacterial strains involved with acne whilst not upsetting the delicate balance of the microbiome. Tamanu oil is also an effective cicatrizant, meaning it helps repair scarred skin. 


Our certified organic Chia Oil is grown by a farming community using traditional practices in Peru, and cold pressed by a Victorian company whose mission is to empower farmers and build a sustainable future.

Regenerative, Anti-inflammatory, Hydrating, Antioxidant, Repairing.

Chia Oil is incredibly high in Omega-3s, specifically alpha-linolenic fatty acid, which is essential for maintaining a healthy skin barrier, building collagen and consequently improving skin texture. It has been studied to improve epidermal permeability barrier function and skin hydration. It’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritated and reddened skin, as well as prevent blemishes. Chia is also full of antioxidants to protect the skin against free radical damage.


A premium Jojoba that is cold-pressed from plants grown organically in Queensland by a family who have been farming Jojoba since 1994. A long lived, drought resistant plant makes Jojoba a sustainable crop.

Emollient, Anti-inflammatory, Regenerative, Repairing, Soothing.

Jojoba has a special affinity with human skin, with a unique high content of wax esters. This, coupled with it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, makes Jojoba particularly suitable for repairing altered skin barriers and enhancing the skins natural restorative effect.


Our Hemp Oil is grown by a family owned Hemp farm in South Australia, where it is grown chemical free and naturally regenerates the soil. They are working towards becoming a carbon neutral food processing facility, and only source hemp grown within a 150km radius who use water from underground aquifers rather than the fragile river systems for irrigation.

Balancing, Soothing, Emollient, Humectant, Regenerative, Repairing.

Hemp Seed Oil is particularly high in linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, making it excellent at soothing irritated skin and repairing the skin barrier.  It protects against TEWL thereby helping the skin retain moister, as well as enhances elasticity. The arginine content also contributes to hydrated skin,  as well as potentially supports collagen production. Hemp Seed Oil also contains stearic acid which can help regulate sebum production, making it excellent for oily or combination skin as well as those prone to acne.


Our certified organic Macadamia Oil is sourced from a small family owned business in New South Wales – Hand’n’Hoe – who are dedicated to regenerative organic farming.

Regenerative, Humectant, Anti-inflammatory, Cicatrizant, Soothing.

Macadamia oil helps strengthen and soothe the skin, and is particularly nourishing for mature skin. It contains high levels of palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid that is found in our sebum which decreases with age and helps the skin stay supple. It also contains squalene, which is excellent for dry and damaged skin, and soothing phytosterols to relieve red and itchy skin. The combination of squalene and palmitoleic acid found in Macadamia Oil helps the regeneration of skin keratinocytes for a rejuvenated complexion, as well as prevent lipid peroxidation and reduce skin cell damage.

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