Extrait de Parfum


Top Notes: Linden Blossom, Bergamot.

Heart Notes: Alpine Lavender, Clary Sage Absolute, Hay.

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vetiver, Aged Patchouli.

Aged: 6 months

Batch III, 2022


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Inspired by the rural pastures that surround Cygnet Perfumery, Plein Air emulates fields of hay in the heat of Summer. The opening note of honeyed linden blossom is both bitter and sweet, leading into a herbal bouquet of lavender, clary sage and sweet new-mown hay. The base notes showcase a spectacular tonka bean absolute; warm, powdery and coumarin rich. The agrestic dry down is supported by earthy vetiver and patchouli, painting an impression of a hot summer’s day.

Alcohol*, Parfum*.

*GMO free natural grape alcohol (spiritus vini) masterfully distilled from Australian grapes and winemaking residuals in a close-looped system.

*We only use the best quality Essential Oils, Co2 Extracts, Absolutes, Resins, Oleoresins, Balsams, Natural Isolates, Enfleurage Extraits And Tinctures.

Cruelty-free and 100% natural ingredients. Free from synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, and alcohol denaturants.

5ml flint glass splash bottle with a phenolic black screw-on cap.
The extrait de parfum is presented with a letterpressed information card and secured in a hand-made envelope, both made locally from eco-certified Gmund cotton paper.

Consult a physician before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition where essential oils are contraindicated. For adult and external use only.


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