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Refreshing, Calming and Warming

The scent of a lemon is well recognised by most, having traversed our neural pathways plenty of times, holding memories and evoking different emotions for all. For many the aroma is cheerful, nostalgic, invigorating and uplifting.

A foot bath can be like receiving an embracing hug. It is said the grounding and soothing properties can be helpful in times of transition or stress, leaving you feeling rested and refreshed. The oils of the lemon and warm water stimulate blood circulation, building warmth in the body from your toes up.

We invite you to participate in this nourishing practice, which is equally pleasing to give to someone else as it is for yourself. Please allow for 5-10 minutes in the foot bath, and 10 minutes of rest afterwards.

You will need: 

1 organic lemon 

A Deep basin large enough to entirely submerge your feet and ideally calves (bucket, large bowl, tub, or sink are some ideas)

A knife for cutting the lemon

A fork for piercing the lemon

Warm water (body temperature 36-38 °C) 

A large and small towel

Optional: a soft blanket, foot cream and warm socks

*Contraindications for a lemon foot bath: allergy or over-sensitivity to lemon. Skin damage or weeping, infected wounds on the lower legs. If unsure you can always consult a health professional.



Wash a lemon under warm water to ensure impurities and dirt are removed. Fill your basin with water at body temperature, and place your lemon in the bowl. Cut the lemon in the water with a knife (be carful with this step – if you’re uncomfortable cutting it under water do it how works best for you).



Pierce the lemon skin with a fork to aid in releasing oils into the water.



Find a comfortable position, perhaps on  a chair, and place your feet into the foot bath. 

Using your large towel, drape it over your legs to keep warm, letting it fall to the ground to encase the foot bath. You can also add a soft blanket over the top to cover the whole body. The foot bath will generally last 5 – 10 minutes, but stay in as long is it feels comfortable, ensuring you don’t get cold feet when the water begins to cool.

When you’re finished, dry your feet well using the small towel. You may like to massage a foot cream or nourishing oil into your feet, followed by putting on a pair of warm socks. Find a comfortable position seated or laying down and rest for 10 minutes – this is just as important as the foot bath, and something we often forgo. Rest looks different for everyone – you may like to meditate, focus on breathing or simply close your eyes.  Try and restrain from using technology however you chose to spend the last 10 minutes.